And give me a clip-on tie

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It was a Saturday morning. I stared at the clock, dreading what would take place at the synagogue in a couple of hours.

I opened the closet, removing my Glen Plaid bar mitzvah suit, and tossed it on my bed.

It’s so much to bear for one kid, I moaned. I’m never going to wear it again.

The necktie dangled from a hook in the closet. It’s blue with tiny gold stars. Mom told me to choose the one I liked. It didn’t matter. I didn’t like any of them.

Dad said, “You’ll learn…

Without buying the Hope Diamond

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The first thing I did Saturday morning was go to the corner store. I needed to buy Jill something to show I cared. I kept asking myself, “What would make a ten-year-old girl happy that doesn’t cost too much?”

There it was, below the stack of magazines in a clear bin. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate our going steady, a plastic ring.

“I’ll take the pink one,” I said, “with the rosebud. You don’t have to wrap it.”

Even though it cost a quarter, I held the ring as if it were the Hope Diamond.

Butterflies flew around my…

A story of a young girl’s calling

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I saw my sister climbing the mountain, going up its sharp incline with rocks falling with each step and dust stirring. A powerful spirit seemed to be luring her to the top, a strange and supernatural calling.

Few people in the Mexican village had ever climbed Mount Ynez. The mountain is extremely treacherous, especially during the winter months when the temperatures reach below freezing. Many wolves and wild dogs roam there, certainly not a place for a young girl.

Adolfa and I live with our momma and great-grandma by the foothills. Dad has…

And I was a willing student

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My first sexual experience took place in a boardinghouse when I was a sophomore in college. The landlord named Shelly invited me into her living room at about one o’clock in the afternoon.

“I’d like to have a chat,” she said with an enticing smile. “I hardly see you, always running out the door. Do you want a cold beer?”

“No thanks, Shelly. I’m not thirsty.”

“Come in and humor me,” she said. “Or else I’ll raise your rent.”

In her late sixties, Shelly was married to Herb and a retired home ec teacher…

Mark Tulin

A California writer whose dreams are more vivid than his waking life.

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